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Capitone technique
Course price 49$
You have just taken the first step towards understanding the technologies of the Soft-Wall factory.

This means that you appreciate the quality and want to learn how to make furniture professionally. And you perfectly understand that by implementing our technologies you will get a colossal result. At the heart of our factory's knowledge is the formula that we derived over years of hard and painstaking work. And this knowledge is applied in almost every our product. Without this knowledge to proceed to our products will be simply impossible.
What you should know about capitone technique
All tools and materials for this production are freely available in hardware stores and in stores for furniture fittings that are present in every city.

In these videos, everything is set out in such detail that even a person who has never worked in upholstery able to cope with this, this has been verified by our students who passed these courses two years ago and had no idea about Capitone.

So do not waste time, because a year later you will regret not starting today.
Chester LUX
Course price 99$
Who will learn to create a Chester couch better than proffessional in premium furnitur?
Masters of the SOFT WALL factory have established themselves as one of the best manufacturers of these sofas.

We laid out a clear, step-by-step guide at 14 hours in a detailed, detailed process, in which there is a stencil for stitching, frame assembly, foam molding, foam marking, marking on fabric, sewing a cover (two versions, manually and on a typewriter). The entire unfolded upholstery process, taking into account the behavior of materials.
What you should know about Chester sofa
Important: The most important thing is the effect of the presence of a living master, who pronounces each of his actions, which makes it unnecessary to study live in the workplace.
What is included in the course:
Description of materials and tools (all materials and tools are on sale)
Full detailed video instruction on making a quality sofa - IT IS IMPORTANT!
Patterns of curvilinear details for large format printing on a printer
Instruction for the construction of patterns and two options for sewing - manual and machine (for those who can not sew)
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